Black Diamond Self-Talk

Sunday, April 03, 2011

MLM Secret - Your WHY - What is a "why", anyway?

Most everyone who is a successful leader in Multi-level Marketing sights their number one secret as having a "why". This is a very important concept and could be discussed at quite a great length, but I'm only going to touch upon a few characteristics, as I've come to understand them. The important thing is to understand what it is, what it isn't, and what it accomplishes in your business.

Your "why" is about you. It's your "why", isn't it? It's not for anyone else. Your "why" could be involving something you want to share with or give to someone else. But, it is still you providing it to them. Perhaps you have a job. It may pay well and even be fun. But you aspire to having more than it can provide. Or, if you are out of work, and trying to evaluate how to contribute so you can not only be compensated for your efforts, but that you can also achieve fulfillment. Things like more free time, more money, providing a lasting legacy for your family, even having a greater ability for generosity or philanthropy, or simply helping others help others achieve their "why"s are all possible items in your "why". It is the reason. It is your self-realized purpose.

Listing your goals, although these are important, are not your "why". Having to keep them written down on a file card, in your coat pocket, may be a good start, but it cannot stop there. Your "why" cannot be formulated or contrived. It has to begin with thought. It then has to be connected to strong emotion. Ultimately it has to reside in your heart. It has to be part of your deep down being. It has to be an integral part of your self.

It serves as the down-in-your-soul reason for defying gravity. You know, that force that tells you every morning to stay horizontal, in your nice warm, comfy bed. It provides the energy and motivation you need to cheerfully face the new day. "Today I am going to make more inroads on the path to achieving my why", you can self-assert.

It is important that you fully understand this MLM secret. It provides the focus to keep you on track with your philosophical foundation for all of your goals. This is important, not only for your business in particular, but it could also provide focus for your life as a whole. It is fundamental in avoiding distractions, in this world of ours, where appeals are being made, of our thoughts, constantly, but for the objectives of others. It is also crucial to walking through the obstacles and downright heart-ache that life can throw at us all. The best leadership model involves service to others, but you have to be satiated yourself, first, and serve the universe with the abundance that overflows your cup. This can only be accomplished, long term, and with lasting impact, if you have a "why".