Black Diamond Self-Talk

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom is accomplished when your passive income from your assets exceeds the expenses of your liabilities.

     There are multiple ways to achieve income on the way to financial freedom. Many people go to school and get a job. Trading time for money. The carrot always seems to remain out of reach. Security and stability can be found in a job, but it is likely the most difficult way to financial freedom. Running your own business. Whether it is a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront or a work-at-home product or service, having a business of your own, while riskier, can provide much more freedom and possible financial reward. The internet has enabled many to open their own business without the expense of an office. Investments. Have your money work for you. Sooner or later you will find yourself with money to invest. It takes a little money to get started, but before long you have your investments' income as one more stream of income on your way to financial freedom. Royalties or residuals are the best way. Not all of us can write a book, patent a product, or write or perform music or movies, but any of us who can, can invest in that effort and find a path to financial freedom.
     How to choose a path to financial freedom where you already have the skills. Everyone is looking for an easy answer. It can be simple, but in the long run it won't be easy. The reward, financial freedom, will be worth it. In fact, the difficulty, once overcome actually makes the reward all the more worthwhile. What do you need to satisfy you? Are you someone who just wants to have fun? It can be Fun! Once you embrace a few fundamentals, you can function solely for the fun of it. Do you focus on Money? This is one way to measure your progress towards financial freedom. One of the challenges here is that the money often starts off small, for the amount of work you do. However, over time, you find that you have to do less and less work, but get more and more money. Details. Do you really get into all the nitty-gritty pieces of the puzzles and relish when they all come together? You can focus on getting the details right and build a solid path to financial freedom. People. Service to others. We always seem to keep that which doesn't flow through us. When we help others get what they want we work to increase everything. Don't underestimate the power of momentum on your way to financial freedom.
     Network marketing provides many of the benefits of owning your own business. It can be accomplished out of your own home. And, it can also leverage the low cost of the internet. It provides residuals and can be successful no matter which motivation (fun, money, details or people) can help keep your eye on the prize of financial freedom.
     How to succeed in achieving financial freedom? Find a strategy. Get help. Use mentors who are doing what you want to do and tap into this rich resource. Do the work. Action. The best plan is only useful if it is followed and acted upon and not just prepared. Use that slight edge everyday to take one more step on your way to financial freedom.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Lead - Everyone Can

     Where can you lead? I believe that leadership is not a single innate ability one has or has not. Leadership is a skill that is developed and honed as a combination of many abilities. First you have to figure out to where or for what you want to be a leader. It is then just a matter of knowing it in your head and moving those thoughts, images and feelings into your heart. Once in your heart, you will be on auto-pilot and nothing will stand in your way.

     So, where is it that you want to go, or, what is it that you want to have? What do you want to say about you? I always thought this was the easy part; answering the question of what I want. But, as I've grown older, experienced more, read more, been mentored and actually taken the time to notice, I've found things other than those I had been focusing upon. I had focused on those things that others thought I should do. I was taking the safe road. It was easy to play the odds. When faced with choices, I weighed things based upon what put me into a stronger position. Things like versatility and breadth of experiences measured higher. It was a matter of not being objectionable, rather than being favorable to me. I've found it is more work to move these goals into my heart. Sometimes it's more risky to go with what you really want. But, that is what makes their achievement all the more rewarding.

     What do they say about you? What do you say about you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Most of the time we shouldn't care what other people have to say. We want to be popular and accepted, but when it comes to achieving what we want, we want to consider what the mirror and other people say or think about our strengths and weaknesses. When you've identified those people who have the position of rendering an accurate and qualified analysis for you, which in and of itself may be ranked as one of our strengths or weaknesses, you have to exercise that analysis. Once we use these resources successfully, we can use our strengths with skillful precision, build up habits that help to strengthen our weaknesses, or, in the end, realize we shouldn't be doing this alone anyway, and leverage those in our mastermind group who are strong in those areas.

     Moving a single step in the right direction, is one further than someone else has taken. You are then qualified to lead something to and through that step. You then just move one more. And, repeat the process of leading someone else to and through that step. Before you know it, there will be a very long line of steps you have mastered and lead someone to them and through them.
Where can you lead? I believe that leadership is not a single innate ability one has or has not. Leadership is a set of skills that are developed and honed as a combination of many abilities. You don't have to have all of these abilities yourself. In fact it puts you in the best position if you have a mastermind team working with you. First you have to figure out to where or for what you are able to lead. The single goal. It is then just a matter of reinforcing that knowledge in your head and moving those thoughts, images and feelings of that goal into your heart. The more senses you devote to this task, the easier and more installed in your heart it will become. Once in your heart, you will be on auto-pilot and nothing will stand in your way.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

MLM Secret - Your WHY - What is a "why", anyway?

Most everyone who is a successful leader in Multi-level Marketing sights their number one secret as having a "why". This is a very important concept and could be discussed at quite a great length, but I'm only going to touch upon a few characteristics, as I've come to understand them. The important thing is to understand what it is, what it isn't, and what it accomplishes in your business.

Your "why" is about you. It's your "why", isn't it? It's not for anyone else. Your "why" could be involving something you want to share with or give to someone else. But, it is still you providing it to them. Perhaps you have a job. It may pay well and even be fun. But you aspire to having more than it can provide. Or, if you are out of work, and trying to evaluate how to contribute so you can not only be compensated for your efforts, but that you can also achieve fulfillment. Things like more free time, more money, providing a lasting legacy for your family, even having a greater ability for generosity or philanthropy, or simply helping others help others achieve their "why"s are all possible items in your "why". It is the reason. It is your self-realized purpose.

Listing your goals, although these are important, are not your "why". Having to keep them written down on a file card, in your coat pocket, may be a good start, but it cannot stop there. Your "why" cannot be formulated or contrived. It has to begin with thought. It then has to be connected to strong emotion. Ultimately it has to reside in your heart. It has to be part of your deep down being. It has to be an integral part of your self.

It serves as the down-in-your-soul reason for defying gravity. You know, that force that tells you every morning to stay horizontal, in your nice warm, comfy bed. It provides the energy and motivation you need to cheerfully face the new day. "Today I am going to make more inroads on the path to achieving my why", you can self-assert.

It is important that you fully understand this MLM secret. It provides the focus to keep you on track with your philosophical foundation for all of your goals. This is important, not only for your business in particular, but it could also provide focus for your life as a whole. It is fundamental in avoiding distractions, in this world of ours, where appeals are being made, of our thoughts, constantly, but for the objectives of others. It is also crucial to walking through the obstacles and downright heart-ache that life can throw at us all. The best leadership model involves service to others, but you have to be satiated yourself, first, and serve the universe with the abundance that overflows your cup. This can only be accomplished, long term, and with lasting impact, if you have a "why".

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wait a minute, you can do that tomorrow, can't you?

The mastery of procrastination

Organized planning

I've heard it said many times, if you enjoy what you're doing, you'll never work a day in your life. As many, many, many people take a day and recognize some event, like TGIF, the weekend, or even a holiday, they are possibly giving up a little bit of their plan. I'm not saying that I don't coordinate my activities with others. I do make plans together, so we can accommodate each others schedules and desires. But I live my life like everyday is a special event. I weave all of the positive emotions throughout my day as much as I possibly can. And, the sweetest times are those spent helping others do the same, and, greatest yet, when theirs is much greater than mine. Oh what a lift it is to feel their joy!

But. I have to have a plan.

My Daily To-Do List = ordered list of have-to-do's (just for example):
  1. self-talk,
  2. write lesson plan,
  3. self-talk,
  4. call prospect
  • .
  • :
  • - one habit-making or habit-breaking exercise.
  • .
  • :
  • - eat (ok, those sounds I've been hearing should be quieted, I think)
  • .
  • :
  • - sleep (or am I sleep-walking again? maybe I should have had food earlier than I did, so I'd have more non-adrenalin energy?)
  • .
  • :
  • - breath (yeah, sometimes I actually have to think about this one - it helps me relax, when I take a couple of deep breaths)
  • .
  • :
  • - etc

I try to "Manage yesterday's decisions daily". I'm "all in", so this is a quick process:
  1. on track,
  2. not-so-much
  • Easy, #1. on track.

But, if I stop too long to evaluate the situation, I need to go back and assess my why.

Distractions - see habit-making / habit-breaking (ok, so this habit-making / habit-breaking list is wa-a-ay too long, already; I'll just have to settle for being perfect, just the way I am, and move on, now)

OK, life happens. You just have to "... pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again ..." Everything happens for a reason. Next.

Multi-tasking - who are we kidding? I can only, really, do just one thing at a time. FOCUS!

If the radio station in MY mind is tuned to the "you suck" channel, _I_ have to recognize this NOW! _I_ have control over the ONLY dial. _I_ can switch it to the "you rock" channel. NOW!!

I have already layed-out the organized plan. There is no time to put anything off until later, or tomorrow. I am counting on me. People are counting on me. The world is counting on US.

My desires are DESIRES. They're not fanciful or unimportant wisps of thought. I already have them fulfilled, in my mind, and I WILL have them in my hand and the hands of those that I love.

in gratitude and service,
Tony Koker

Thursday, February 03, 2011

What is holding you back?

It was just after the Coaches Corner Mastermind call when I got paged for my job. Yeah, it was around 1 am on Sunday morning and I got paged. Some equipment set off a bunch of alarms and they called me to diagnose this issue so they could engage the proper people or vendor to fix it. Luckily I can do this from my setup at home, without having to travel into anywhere. Anyway, it was the state of mind I recognized, only in hindsight of answering the page that was my epiphany.

I had been frustrated, again, another weekend going by, and little by slow was too slow ... maybe I'm still stuck with a fear of lack? Am I afraid I'm not ready? Is there something I didn't do, yet? Is this exceptionally snowy winter giving me another excuse to not succeed? I keep putting together plans and steps, but I end up with 50 tasks. all moving slowly forward, but nothing done. Or, at least, nothing that seems to be working. Maybe I'm not saying my self-talk enough? Maybe I lack the conviction I need to make it work? Analysis paralysis again? Why do I let these simple steps pile into a mess that overwhelms me?

When I answered the page, everything changed. I was in my element. I was performing tasks I'd trained years and years to master. No hesitation. No doubts. I knew right where to go, which system(s) to check, and which things to do. It wasn't that I knew what was wrong in an instant, but the logic I followed was solid and well traveled. I had used this stuff, over and over again, and knew exactly what to expect. I knew what connects to what, what fails or doesn't, but mostly, how to interpret the often cryptic messages and reports. I was in the zone. I knew that I knew that I knew. Even if I didn't know something with exacting detail, I knew to be comfortable in the knowledge that I could figure it out. I knew the missing pieces would present themselves to me. There was no fear, no worry, just confidence and faith.

The weekend is over now, but I am now equipped with a tool. A tool that I already had at my disposal, but which can now be applied to the task I now desire.