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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What are your goals for next month?

Next Month's Goals?

      Someone recently asked me this question, and this is the response I gave. Hopefully it will give you an insight that works for you.

      I stay focused on my 2 or 3 heart-felt desires and manage daily decisions, rather than focus on specific goals in the future, or challenges of the past. I have goals for every day, every week and every month, as well as long term, as measures to throttle my intensity. But my passion is the fuel. Staying focused as much as possible, and taking action is the practice that either takes me beyond my goals, or, life happens, and this also keeps me running and stepping on the gas again. Ultimately my goal is to have a fulfilling life, enriching all and everything within my reach as much and for as long as possible. The result always seems to exceed any goal I've set, and I've come to take that for granted, a little, I think. I'm having fun attracting and sponsoring Black Diamonds into my business, easily and consistently, through education and teamwork. It's always about how you make other people feel.

with gratitute and in service,
Tony Koker
A Mentor with a Servant's Heart

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Self Talk - Awesome Guest Author

So, what comes first - FAITH or BELIEF?

A BELIEF is a physical thing - a string of neurons or cells in Your Brain which was built when You ACCEPTED repeated SUGGESTION.

FAITH is how You FEEL about the Belief. It is an ATTITUDE, a State of Mind.

So, which came first - the Belief or the Faith?

Like the chicken and the egg, it’s the wrong question...

Because what comes first is...


Desire is an intense FEELING that generates Faith and Belief.

So, Desire comes first?

No! In Chapter 1 Hill talks about a Chief Aim, a Definite Purpose, a Dominant THOUGHT.

The first 3 chapters of TGR reveal the 3 Elements necessary to make the LAW OF ATTRACTION work for You.

A DOMINANT THOUGHT, BURNING DESIRE, and FAITH (unshakable Belief beyond all Doubt).

A Dominant Thought is something You think about MOST OF THE TIME. But THOUGHT, by itself is just a trickle of ENERGY.

White Hot BURNING DESIRE is the wave of ENERGY which carries Your Thoughts to and from the ETHER (that medium beyond the limits of space and time).

FAITH is the FORCE which destroys the barrier of DOUBT that blocks the flow of this Energy.

In Chapter 4 Hill shows us how Auto-Suggestion INDUCES all 3 Elements.

SELF-TALK is a statement of Your Dominant Thought, object of Your Desire, spoken in the present tense, and colored with POWERFUL TRIGGER words. The statement also includes, IN GENERAL, the method by which You are achieving it.

Repeating it over and over again all day long, and late at night, makes the Thought DOMINANT, and builds up the FEELINGS, or ATTITUDE, of Desire and Faith!

I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy Attracting and Sponsoring Black Diamonds on My Team, Easily and Consistently through Education and Teamwork.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. Keep Your method very GENERAL, because the Universe is smarter than You!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Faith - Belief in the Result without Evidence?

Faith - Belief in the Result without Evidence?

      I don't think our belief has to be completely without any evidence. We can see some of the stairs on the staircase, we just cannot see the whole flight.

      I've had so many examples of this in my life lately, that I couldn't get focused on one upon which to write. So please forgive me if I bounce around a little. Hopefully, the common theme will still find it's way out.

      My wife has a desire to acquire 10 rental properties to ease our retirement. We have already completed our purchase and full rental of 1, and are close to completing another. We already know that this will happen, that we're already looking for number 3.

      I am forging the keys to release me from my employment confinement and servitude. I am having fun attracting and sponsoring Black Diamonds into my business, easily and consistently, through education and teamwork. The evidence is building, one customer, one representative at a time. But the goal is real to me. The Black Diamonds are already in my business, if only in my belief right now. I know I am not only speaking this into existence, but demanding it through continuous slight edges every minute of every day.

      We desire to achieve these things in voluntary service. Our rental properties provide others with great places to live. The products of my business. both the actual materials for customers, as well as the hand up for representatives are the focus and provide value. Our desire is to serve. The big difference, especially for me, is that this is MY choice. I own the result. We have no long-lasting doubt because we know the universe will accommodate a path. Our desires have manifest goals which are concrete destinations. Having accomplished this before, we even know that the hills we march over today pale in comparison to the mountain we are actually ascending. The total will always be greater than the simple sum of the parts.

      There is plenty of evidence that we are making progress, little by slow, day by day. But this evidence is insufficient. There are challenges to our belief many times, every day. We both took the day off from everything, yesterday. Turned off our phones and unplugged. We took time to refocus and re-embrace our faith that the fruit from the trees we're tending will be prosperous. By repeating our self-talk every day we perform the same focus - harmonically vibrating the existence of our goals into reality with the universe.

      I don't think our belief has to be completely without any evidence. We can see some of the stairs on the staircase, we just cannot see the whole flight, yet, but we know it's there.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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