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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Specialized Knowledge - Idea, Knowledge then Action is Winning Plan

Specialized Knowledge

      This is the chapter that I think I get, before even reading it, because I've been technical since High School, but I've finally figured out what I had wrong.

      I've always associated specialized knowledge with that which most of us endeavor to acquire by going to school. We start off learning the basics, then, if we do well, we focus on something that interests us, or that we find fun, and continue with study of it in college. Although this is indeed a path away from general, learn-life-by-living-it knowledge, it is a plan that has been drawn up by others for us to accomplish their objectives. We are being trained to be good followers of someone else's goals and dreams if we simply follow the plan that getting this education is the end, in and of itself, or the job it lands us. We CAN use schools and other training successfully. There are many good examples given in the book in this chapter.

      What we're studying this week involves coming to grips with the specialized knowledge needed to accomplish OUR goals and dreams. Some specialized knowledge we can acquire from others, rather than trying to know it all by ourselves. This is a relief to me, because I know, although I'm perfect, just the way I am, I'm better equipped when I am able to collaborate and share my skills with other people. Together everyone achieves more. But, _I_ DO have to have some skills.

      I have to focus on the specialized knowledge needed exclusively for my desires. I cannot allow myself to become distracted. Being able to focus is an underlying component _I_ HAVE to deal with. I have to silence my negative thoughts. I have to silence the negative noise in my daily routines. I have to especially avoid those recurring thoughts that suggest things can be compromised or doing it later will be okay. It's NOT.

      Self-talk, or auto-suggestion, that we studied last week is the answer for me. This allows me to stay focused on the skills and knowledge I need, while quieting the noise. It reinforces the desires I am accomplishing. It infuses the emotion I need to stay positive and focused. It impresses upon my subconscious mind exactly how important this is to me. I have to repeat this, both mentally as well as out loud, so I HEAR it as well, many, many times a day.

      My subconscious mind responds by pushing me into action. Learning how to get leads, customers and prospects is the specialized knowledge I need, in addition to using my subconscious for motivation.

      Using our mastermind group I am able to tap into the specialized knowledge of others. I am also able to be tapped, like in a tag-team match, to help and assist others. I've found that the best lessons often come from the specialized knowledge of the apprentice, rather than the mentor. I never stop learning or gaining new insights. I'm still more the apprentice than the mentor, but my self-talk is keeping me strongly growing yet humble.

      Specialized knowledge is clearly shown as an important ingredient in the recipe for successfully obtaining the magical incarnation of my desires and growing my understanding of this has empowered me with high vibration energy to continue to take action.


      Thank you to everyone on the weekly calls. With your participation I am continuing to climb to ever more lofty heights of understanding and accomplishment in my desires, and, in my ability to reach my hand out to help others do the same.


with gratitude and in service,

Tony, Lisa, Michael and Amanda Koker

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

MLM Success - MLM Leaders, a System Shared as a GIFT

MLM Success - MLM Leaders, a System Shared as a GIFT

      A lot of people like the business model of MLM or Network Marketing. Most people already do it every day, since they were 5 years old, they just don't get paid for it. We recommend movies, restaurants, stores, even products and services every day, and we really enjoy doing it. It's fun when we share our success with others.

      Many find frustration trying to find MLM success. Everyone loves to hear about the potential, but few truly embrace what it will take to actually achieve it.

      MLM success solutions people explore include changing companies, or joining multiple companies. There are too many people trying to make a quick dollar and chasing MLM success like a carrot on a stick, never actually able to capture that carrot. Instead of finding a strategy that has worked for others, and sticking with it, people often see the grass as being greener somewhere else, and abandon their efforts only to start anew in another direction or in something else.

      Other MLM success involves searching out and finding mentors or consultants to help. Many of the resources available, however, aren't actually building an MLM success business, but make their money selling consulting products or services. MLM success needs to be promoted by MLM success leaders who are actually having MLM success as their primary business.

      Finally there's traditional marketing and advertising efforts for the products or services, or, the business opportunity itself. Often these ideas can be leveraged, to create visibility and build a persona and following.

      But the key to MLM success, which is the secret all of us can use, is a system for vetting companies, mentors, marketing and advertising all together in an easy to follow package or system. Best yet is finding that group of individuals that value their time as their most valuable asset, and yet, are willing to invest their time for free helping others duplicate their MLM success.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Self Talk


The Medium for Influencing the Subconscious Mind

The Third Step Toward Riches"

      After reading this chapter of "Think and Grow Rich" and Napoleon Hill's words on auto-suggestion when he states that we should carry out this instruction as if we are still a child, it reminds me of a saying my wife has used since we first started dating: "We're just ba'y kids in a grown up ba'y world". This has been one of our themes during our relationship where we try to approach many challenges from a child-like perspective.

      Having a singular focus a child will persist in their efforts until the objective is accomplished. If told that someone in a large crowd in a stadium has a special present for the child, they will go from person to person, not skipping a single soul, even to the final person in the crowd, if necessary, until they find that present. Without hesitation they ask "Do you have it?". From person to person they go, no fear, no obstacles, just an obsessive action.

      As adults, we work to stay focused like that again. We deal with the complexities we've allowed to invade our mind. We deal with the people and situations that confront us in our routines and the demands that are put upon us. We overcome the negative emotions that spontaneously erupt and threaten to dampen our desire.

      By focusing on a written statement, which we recite out loud, we actively focus on the positive emotions we associate with our burning desires. We concentrate, like the child, on holding that present in our hands. We know what it will feel like in our hands. The weight of it, the sight of it, the total thrill of owning it is already coursing through our body even as we travel forward in the aisles between the seats.

      We have instilled the emotion, focused burning desire and faith all with this simple act of writing down instructions for our subconscious, reading them aloud, and repeating them often, keeping that child, that we are, moving from person to person, through aisle after aisle to get OUR present.


with gratitude and in service,

Tony, Lisa, Michael and Amanda

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Monday, September 10, 2012


      I am reminded of a journey I've taken with the Boy Scouts. We set out for a weekend campout where one of the objectives is to hike up a mountain until we reach the summit. Initially this began as a simple exercise on paper and listing the task among those that we might set as objectives. Many other ideas were put forth, but the hike remained after the final cuts were accomplished.

      Some of the scouts had researched the objective. They provided pictures from the summit. We were all able to visualize being above the tree line, standing firmly on the rock boulders and grassy and mossy surfaces of the top. We imagine the unobstructed wind, at the summit, where there are no trees to block it. blowing our hair and clothes in a forceful draft. We imagine feeling the intensity of the sun warming our cheeks and exposed arms and legs, and even through our clothes. We see the incredible view of the clouds in the sky, the other mountain peaks connecting in a line far off into the distance in two directions. We also see the many valleys below and the tiny tree tops, paths, streams and trails below.

      Many of the scouts had never been there before, but their belief that this experience is there at the top is very strong. They know that it is there. They have already lived it in their imagination. The excitement, even love for the natural sun, wind and sights motivate them into action.

      In a Boy Scout troop, the older boys lead, coach and mentor the younger, more inexperienced scouts. To further instill a faith in the attainment of the desire, they plot out the course necessary to begin the journey. One of the older scouts pulls out a map of the available trails, and a selection is made.

      Leaving our homes by bus, the entire journey to the camp site was accompanied by excited discussions of being on that summit. One boy was even working on carving and painting his initials on a stone he planned to leave behind on the summit, marking his achievement. He was confirming his faith that he would be there. There were other plans for more and better pictures by other scouts (and leaders). Better because WE would be in these.

      The day we arrived was overcast and rain was threatening. We set up camp, dinner preparations were begun and all the while excited discussions of our hike the next day continued. Even though we proclaimed "lights out", many could be heard contributing to a din of banter long afterwards and the words hike and summit could be heard as well.

      The next day, after careful review it was determined that the forecast was mild enough that we could still venture upon our journey on this day, without danger. We spot-checked that all were equipped with the tools necessary for the journey: rain gear, trail mix, plenty of water, walking sticks, proper shoes, at least one camera and the like, and of course the initial-carved and painted rock. Then we set out for the first trail marker.

      Step by step we ascended the mountain. Overcoming and clearing fallen branches, carefully navigating the wet rocks that were slippery; small measure by small measure making progress upward, all the while focused on the experience at the summit. The occasional shower didn't dampen our faith.

      The summit was more incredible than any of us imagined. The top of this moutain was above the clouds which were dripping below. We were overcome with the grandeur laid out before us. It brought goose bumps to some and even tears of joy to others. If it wasn't for the faith instilled long before, many of the boys would have found reasons to stop or even turn around and go back, the warm fire and sleeping bags beckoning them. Instead, our entire crew ascended to the summit and still celebrate the accomplishment as a measuring stick upon which all future objectives are measured.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony, Lisa, Michael and Amanda Koker

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      "Awake, arise, and assert yourself, you dreamers of the world. Your star is now in the ascendency."

      "The world is filled with an abundance of OPPORTUNITY which the dreamers of the past never knew. A BURNING DESIRE TO BE, AND TO DO is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition."

      I couldn't state it any better than Napoleon Hill has already done, to start off.

      Being ALL IN starts with a BURNING DESIRE, but also requires that you burn all bridges and serve the only stakeholders that matter - a supreme deity, in whatever form you embrace, you and your family.

      For me, my desire is that I have to be free. I have to be completely free of the bonds of Corporate servitude. I have to be free of the slavery that keeps me working for paltry, shallow and hollow technical achievements in underground fox holes they call cubicles. Even when I am working from home, I am bound and shackled to my phone, pager and computer, never more than a few minutes away from being engaged in their folly.

      This is not to say that their entire efforts are not without desire. Certainly they are full of many desires. They are filled with the desire of the customers of the business. They are filled with the desire of upper management to accomplish goals laid out for the board of directors. Each manager in turn has desires to be looked upon with favor, and goals they have to reach, so they too can be rewarded for their efforts. All are engaged in fulfilling the diluted desires and goals of those above them. At the bottom, the people who toil and sweat to fulfill some personal fantasy of perfection, desiring only to meet the goals set FOR them and not BY them, are lost in a bubble of their own creation when they are forced to comply in order to receive reward. They are not appreciated for the good job they do, if in fact that is even what they accomplish. Instead they are evaluated on false values which are created to mostly level the playing field, so all but a few are treated as "normal" or average. Only a few can be better rewarded. Only a few can, and have to be rebuffed or even punished. Many often figure out that they can just bide their time with a superficial achievement of the goals set for them, and actually accomplish little more than nothing. The melting pot of mediocrity.

      There is a self that could get boxed into their reality. Our desires are limited by their fox hole and false measuring sticks.

      I have a burning desire. I have to be completely free of the bonds of Corporate servitude. This is what I use to aim. I then FOCUS upon my goals, daily and weekly targets, and focus my thoughts and emotions and people and things upon that which _I_ desire. After I focus _I_ must ACT. Desire is the dream. This is where it all begins. Combined with the FAITH that the objects of the desire ARE real, leveraging our daily self-talk, for continuity, and fueling our ACTION by tapping into the strong positive emotions, we are accomplishing and living a new reality for me and for and with others.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony, Lisa, Michael and Amanda Koker

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