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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Self Talk - Awesome Guest Author

So, what comes first - FAITH or BELIEF?

A BELIEF is a physical thing - a string of neurons or cells in Your Brain which was built when You ACCEPTED repeated SUGGESTION.

FAITH is how You FEEL about the Belief. It is an ATTITUDE, a State of Mind.

So, which came first - the Belief or the Faith?

Like the chicken and the egg, it’s the wrong question...

Because what comes first is...


Desire is an intense FEELING that generates Faith and Belief.

So, Desire comes first?

No! In Chapter 1 Hill talks about a Chief Aim, a Definite Purpose, a Dominant THOUGHT.

The first 3 chapters of TGR reveal the 3 Elements necessary to make the LAW OF ATTRACTION work for You.

A DOMINANT THOUGHT, BURNING DESIRE, and FAITH (unshakable Belief beyond all Doubt).

A Dominant Thought is something You think about MOST OF THE TIME. But THOUGHT, by itself is just a trickle of ENERGY.

White Hot BURNING DESIRE is the wave of ENERGY which carries Your Thoughts to and from the ETHER (that medium beyond the limits of space and time).

FAITH is the FORCE which destroys the barrier of DOUBT that blocks the flow of this Energy.

In Chapter 4 Hill shows us how Auto-Suggestion INDUCES all 3 Elements.

SELF-TALK is a statement of Your Dominant Thought, object of Your Desire, spoken in the present tense, and colored with POWERFUL TRIGGER words. The statement also includes, IN GENERAL, the method by which You are achieving it.

Repeating it over and over again all day long, and late at night, makes the Thought DOMINANT, and builds up the FEELINGS, or ATTITUDE, of Desire and Faith!

I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy Attracting and Sponsoring Black Diamonds on My Team, Easily and Consistently through Education and Teamwork.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. Keep Your method very GENERAL, because the Universe is smarter than You!

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