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Monday, July 08, 2013

How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear


      Indecision, doubt and fear are the three enemies Napoleon Hill uses to describe the primary obstacles to our achieving what we desire.
      These are powerful adversaries. In the competitive world of commerce we find an acronym, FUD, or, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Major technological companies have even embraced these to wield, like swords against their competition. If enough FUD is put out there, it makes it all the more difficult to chop through the weeds and find the real, substantiated facts. The less black and white the information, the more FUD there is.
      For me, my biggest challenges, have not been the jump from the airplane, my survival is at risk kind of fears. But, the insidious uncertainty that mentally seems to be around the next corner that causes me to not make a decision, and fail to act.
      Instead of boldly moving forward, I find I succumb to the temptation of choosing to just do something else. Often this is something well traveled, in the past, and is well known and understood. I rationalize that these other things, although not really important right now, still need to get done. And, I will feel some sense of accomplishment, having marked these off my list.
      I return, however, to the important task at hand, and again feel the impact of these enemies as they chip away at my self-esteem. I find myself asking how did this not get done, again? I begin to question my motivation. If this was so important to me, why didn't it get done?
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