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Friday, March 28, 2014

I Was Lost, But Now I Am Found

Reading the chapter this week inspired me to express a story of my journey.

Version 1 - The Symbolism

"I was lost, but now I am found".

I planned. I followed the plan. I had a dream. I followed the dream. It lead me to a plateau. I accepted the plateau. I fell asleep.

I got lost in the execution. Performing what needed to be done, while pleasurable, led me to forgo dreaming.

I was waiting to die, but I was in a fog and didn't know.

Sparks of light ignited the fog, but my sleep was too deep. Brighter and brighter the sparks became, but the darkness prevailed.

My mind didn't die. It didn't rest. Each spark restored pieces of the dreams from the past. New dreams began to form. But, the darkness prevailed.

As I began to awake, I recognized the plateau I had accepted. I begin to see the paths beyond the fog and the clouds.

The clarity is crystal, in bursts. now more and more frequent. I am gathering steam, moving fast again and building my legacy.

Version 2 - The Facts

I went to school. I got a degree. I got a job. I got married. I started a family. I started a company. I became a consultant. I got another job. I got stuck. I accepted the plateau.

I discovered network marketing, along the way. It was the first spark. It was also the source of the darkness that prevailed. Lack of success and failure put water on the fire and doused the spark. No fire remained.

Another opportunity. This one's fresh. But, again, the same lack of skill and leadership. More darkness.

Truth. Brilliant clear, powerful truth. We all know this when we hear it. We first have to listen, to hear it. We have to silence or squelch the noise to hear. Once heard, the vibration always rings true. Leadership skills, mental clarity, time ownership and mastery, not a product, company or opportunity are the path to fulfillment.

Multiple times a week, every week, we gather to keep the fires hot, the focus clear, and the vibration, rhythm and song alive.

Mentoring for Free and this 30 Day Mental Cleanse, has re-equipped my mind. Full clarity has returned and control has been restored.

I am grateful to everyone who participates. Together we mastermind a world full of miracles empowered by Infinite Intelligence.

with gratitude and in service,
Tony Koker

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