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Monday, August 31, 2009

Pique through freedom illustration and picture-words

A picture is worth a thousands words. Most of us have heard that before. An interesting take on this concept, however, is that it doesn't necessarily take a thousand words to describe a picture.
Contained within the many wonders in this world of ours are the seasons. We all can relate to the weather, and, ultimately derive it from the current season, for the most part. Living in New England, however, we have become accustomed to frequent, perhaps even non-seasonal weather changes. This year we seemed to suffer from a perpetual cool and rainy spring. Not cold, but not really warm either. A darkness that seems to evoke gloom and hunkering down is present. Sounds, of rain drops in a pitter-pat in puddles, of splashing foot-steps, as people want on their way, of cars seemingly surfing on stream-like waterways, with their wheel-splash glide and then of cascading waves of whoosh and crash of foaming walls of water all permit us to hear the effects of the rain, we also feel and see. A natural cleansing cycle, where dirt and grime are actually washed away. An chance in contrast without equal to observe the brightness inside. The light of our inner self, keeping us on course and cheerful. Casting off the gloom, we can also embrace this as a refreshing change; a chance to enjoy the shower (To join our Master Mind and experience a life-changing process, start your own 30-Day Cleanse. You need it more than you need oxygen. The only cost is your commitment to yourself. You’ll get a download of the unabridged “Think and Grow Rich”. To get started, first download your free copy of Michael Dlouhy’s “Success In Ten Steps” by clicking HERE. I will send you the link to get started with your mental cleanse.).
This picture-painting, with words, is one way we can present the freedom opportunity that network marketing represents to those we meet and interact with; welcoming them to join us in our success journey, ever growing our numbers, and spreading all the positive emotions, leading us to accomplish.

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