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Thursday, September 20, 2012

MLM Success - MLM Leaders, a System Shared as a GIFT

MLM Success - MLM Leaders, a System Shared as a GIFT

      A lot of people like the business model of MLM or Network Marketing. Most people already do it every day, since they were 5 years old, they just don't get paid for it. We recommend movies, restaurants, stores, even products and services every day, and we really enjoy doing it. It's fun when we share our success with others.

      Many find frustration trying to find MLM success. Everyone loves to hear about the potential, but few truly embrace what it will take to actually achieve it.

      MLM success solutions people explore include changing companies, or joining multiple companies. There are too many people trying to make a quick dollar and chasing MLM success like a carrot on a stick, never actually able to capture that carrot. Instead of finding a strategy that has worked for others, and sticking with it, people often see the grass as being greener somewhere else, and abandon their efforts only to start anew in another direction or in something else.

      Other MLM success involves searching out and finding mentors or consultants to help. Many of the resources available, however, aren't actually building an MLM success business, but make their money selling consulting products or services. MLM success needs to be promoted by MLM success leaders who are actually having MLM success as their primary business.

      Finally there's traditional marketing and advertising efforts for the products or services, or, the business opportunity itself. Often these ideas can be leveraged, to create visibility and build a persona and following.

      But the key to MLM success, which is the secret all of us can use, is a system for vetting companies, mentors, marketing and advertising all together in an easy to follow package or system. Best yet is finding that group of individuals that value their time as their most valuable asset, and yet, are willing to invest their time for free helping others duplicate their MLM success.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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