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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

What is Creative in Network Marketing - Creative Imagination

Imagination at work

      I use imagination all the time, when I am trying to solve challenges, issues and problems. The synthetic imagination is the easiest, since it is the use of known ideas and facts, recombined and processed into new constructs. The creative imagination comes from the subconscious, and arrives as responses from the desires we have planted there. Just this week, as I further develop task lists and actions to solve my challenges, issues and problems, I believe I have made significant progress when the creative imagination provides missing pieces to the puzzles. There are three specific areas where this can be illustrated from my experiences this week.

      The first area involves my mind set when interacting with other people, an external focus. Having begun to develop a skill to understand whether a person is direct or indirect is part of the synthetic imagination. Being grounded as an indirect myself, I have to rely on my imagination to envision the thought process of someone who is direct. I have to rely upon the creative imagination to provide insight into this process. Although I believe I can operate in the process of a direct, it takes a lot of energy and focus, and even then, I have to have faith that my creative imagination provides the answer as it is needed. I may have to tweak my self-talk, or auto-suggestion a little, if I find that my creative imagination needs to work overtime to another solution, if, as often happens, I come up with the answer in hindsight, after the interaction is well concluded.

      The second area involves my mind set too, but with an internal focus. This is the easiest for me, being indirect, as it is easy for me to think through tasks and form action plans. The challenge, here, for me, is that it is much more difficult to let go of the planning and consider it good enough. I can easily get stuck trying to make it perfect. Realizing this seems to make this piece less daunting, but if not for my creative imagination I'm sentenced to a prison cell, in my mind, where I regurgitate the known ideas and facts over and over again ad nauseam.

      The third area also involves an internal focus and addresses my mood, or how I am feeling. I can be at peace, silencing the annoyances to the point of ignoring that stimulus for action. Although pleasant, I certainly won't be able to move forward without some stimulus. If I am totally engaged in turmoil, like that experienced on Mondays, when the big change occurs from being in a rhythm of self-motiviation, to that where I have to embrace the desires and goals of others and the demands this places on me, this can result in overload or crisis. A balance has to be maintained, where there is sufficient tension and stress to motivate and drive forward, but managed in a spirit of positive emotions. I constantly call upon my creative imagination to resolve this challenge.

      For all of these areas, my self-talk provides the underlying focus which is fed to my subconscious. My subconscious, in turn, provides responses from the creative imagination in tune with my desires. Otherwise the ideas brought forward may be off the melody, so I have to keep focused on fueling my mind with the rhythm of thought, the vibration of harmony upon which _I_ choose to devote my energy and efforts.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony, Lisa, Michael and Amanda Koker

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