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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Procrastination - Excuses File Containing Reasons And Scapegoats

Decision: The Mastery of Procrastination

      Okay. We made our organized plan. Now we have to execute it. But, decision plays a part in this.

      I have had many struggles with this one. Procrastination - this one is very insideous - it camouflages itself and hides in the shadows, pretending to be other things during my thought process on the way to a decision to act. Most of the decisions I make are automatic. I've purposefully, or even unconciously made a decision and implanted it internally. When I do slow down the chatter and focus on the act of the decision, only then can I again influence it. Some of the arguments my mind has thrown up as obstacles, when I haven't said my self-talk enough follow, but I've written counter-statements right afterwards, so I can keep my awareness high of these forks in the road in my thoughts.

      The Perfect Plan needs more time to simmer some more. I've learned to counter this with the thought that it's good enough, just start moving.

      The timing isn't right, another time would be better. NOW is better than NEVER!

      I don't feel well enough. Catch your breath, take steps to care for yourself as quickly as possible and get moving again.

      It's raining out. Wear a rain coat, or find an umbrella.

      It's too cold. Put on warmer clothes.

      It's too hot. Put on cooler clothes.

      I don't have control and have to wait for things to change in my favor. The conditions could get worse, so again, just start moving.

      I have to examine my motives for the decision. Am I using a positive emotion to support my thought process, or a negative one? This is a huge struggle for me. I have to address this multiple times, in my autosuggestion. It begins with "I am happy." Certainly your self-talk is for you, so you may find different words to use. "I am happy" seems to be high enough of a focus for me, since I tend towards frustration and feeling overwhelmed through sadness, depression and even anger. I cap off my autosuggestion with "Anger and Fear are useless. Love and Gratitude are everything". I don't put my self-talk on my list or plan, since it is already a habit. I perform this automatically.

      The bottom line, analysis has been done, I now just act. I decided when I focused on my foundational desires, built my plan and committed to being all in. Just act on the to-do list!

with gratitude and in service,

Tony, Lisa, Michael and Amanda Koker

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