Black Diamond Self-Talk

Monday, February 04, 2013



      Whenever I read one of these chapters, I take notes of ideas and concepts I takeaway as pertinent of the ideas presented. The following is my list from this chapter:

  • Lack of decision causes failure.
  • Procrastination is the opposite of decision.
  • Reach decisions promptly and change them slowly.
  • Harmony with your desires (which are derived from your values - I added this last part, myself).
  • Listen rather than talk.
  • Show the world, don't tell it. Act.
  • Being all in. "Freedom or death on a decision".
  • Mastermind. "I tell you further, that if two of you agree upon the earth concerning anything for which you ask, it will come to you from My Father, who is in Heaven.”
  • Courage.

      That last one always reminds me of the Serenity Prayer:

      Lord, Grant me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change,
      Grant me the Courage to Change the Things I Can, and
      Grant me the Wisdom to Know the Difference.

      One of the things us greens (self-contained, indirect, primary personality) are good at, is learning ideas and concepts and embracing them from the perspective presented. I can read every word, collect and organize, then summarize and deduce. But, at least for me, I fail to then take the ideas and concepts from my mind and get it into my heart. When I do this, I don't need my outline or list, anymore. My heart is where my desires reside. It has the faith that the steps I take today are part of the staircase up, even if I cannot see the whole staircase. My heart has the belief that sees past temporary obstacles.

      I decide to win. I decide that the best way for me to obtain my desire of helping other people, of being of service to my fellow humans, of breathing when the pressure and oxygen is lost, is to put my mask on first.

      I decide to take back ownership of my life. Slowly, over time, pieces have been given away. They weren't forcibly taken. They were subtly, and perhaps deceptively coerced away, and I let it happen. It didn't seem threatening at the time. It was only a small chip from the large block. But many, many of these have occurred. I cannot simply stand up and declare that they are again mine. I have to bargain and work to maneuver to take them back, one piece at a time. They weren't given away all at once, but over time, and I know they will have to be won back the same way.

      I decide that the past is history. Aside from lessons learned, it does not restrain me. The future starts now. I decide to be fully engaged in the experience of today, right now.

      I decide that the future is molded by me. Only my hand is on the rudder of my boat. I decide to face the waves and the wind, to find the path forward.

      I decide to periodically review my values. My values build my desires. My desires provide harmony for my decisions. Today, I decide to continue to ACT upon these desire-based decisions. I have embraced today - listened with my ears and other senses and capabilities of mind - and now demonstrate this by taking focused actions, avoiding distraction along the way.

      I decide to listen to my heart. My heart provides the drive to silence the fears. My heart provides the energy and enthusiasm to continue on, even in the presence of un-silenced fear, discomfort, or even pain. My heart has the faith that knows the reward is worth it.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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