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Friday, March 29, 2013

The Foundation

Desire - The foundation of your "WHY"

      If you were like me, and completely focused on the short-term non-pleasure (discomfort, high-stress or pain) avoidance technique of looking short-term, past the current obstacle, like 8 hours of work, for your employer. And then had planned things that certainly wouldn't have enough time to be completed or fully enjoyed, after subtracting commuting, eating, attending to personal hygiene and of course sleeping. That wasn't living in the "now". But, was living in "a little later", or "next time". And, never feeling fullfilled or satisfied. Always running hard, to get through the current event, trying to grab onto that ever elusive carrot, just out of reach ahead.

      I was lost. I was on a perpetual gerbil treadmill, going fast, but going nowhere. I could see the blur of the spokes in front of me, but failed to notice, that off to either side, nothing moved or changed. Almost like having blinders on, I was always focused on the short-term easing of non-pleasure.

      I still find myself, from time to time, caught in this mental rut. The grooves from the past run very deep, and take time to be filled back in or maneuvered around.

      The difference today, is my desire. I also have to say that I rely heavily on my belief, or faith, in being able to fully achieve, if not completely exceed my expectations. But, that is a discussion for a subsequent week. My desire is my measuring post. I am still not able to devote my full time to working towards achieving the goals of my desires. Who really is able to do this? We all need rest, refreshment, and other necessities of living. Certainly, we CAN combine efforts, so some can be achieved simultaneously. So, my progress has to be measured during those times I am actively working to achieve those goals. It CAN be THOUGHT OF all of the time, even when we are sleeping. I've established this pattern through my self talk, or autosuggestion, which is another subject for another day.

      My desire is motivating. It oozes from my pores. I'm broadcasting it to those around me into all of their senses. The universe receives and responds to my influence like a big splash into a body of water, sending waves out in every direction and back and out again. This is all symbolic, however. I still don't want to be disruptive, but want to be subtle. The created waves can lift others along side me like a gentle embrace, without the brutality or shock of a tidal wave. I still make the big splash, I just make sure not to land on someone.

      As I progress forward, even failing forward, I tally the slight edge achieved with every advance. This tally reinforces by belief. The heat from the fire of my desire burns hotter. Each and every time I progress forward, I accelerate.

      My desire is what I want to experience in life. It focuses on the people and everything I value. It is MY values, but I've also learned that working in a mastermind group helps me to use the strength and focus found in increased numbers. Together we work on our common desires.

      There is not one single principle that is the secret, but the combination of knowing them and doing them all. Desire is the fire in the belly that fuels the getting up from the mat, when we're down. It fuels us to continue onward when we feel fatigue. It drives us through monotony and even heart-pounding fear. The ripples created by the action, belief in the goals of desire, cannot be stopped, and echo long after the action.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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