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Friday, May 17, 2013

Can't We All Just Help Each Other?

Can't We All Just Help Each Other?

      So many people are out there with agenda's. Under the guise of providing some level of product or service, they quickly turn and pounce with the usual head-on sales push.

      Instead, I keep separate my efforts, my income strategies, from my sharing of skill training and other resources.

      Maybe, when others are turning and attacking, they are doing it out of fear? Maybe they're afraid that their now captive audience will turn and run, before they get a chance to give their pitch? I think this was me, not too long ago. I think this fear was a fear of lack. A lack in some measure of self-confidence and assuredness is likely.

      Today I execute habits that keep my mind and actions focused on maintaining a state of abundance. When my cup is overflowing, there is no effort in the sharing with others, without an agenda, aside from simply helping them out. In fact, it is very pleasurable and fun!

      One of the groups I belong to is a mastermind group, where we share this mutual mindset. I sincerely cherish my relationships formed in this group.

      Today, I am in need of some help, myself. I am having a hard time finding a name for a web site. One that invokes curiosity, and, one that would be easy to remember. I've put together a quick 5 minute survey, and would be grateful if you would take it. It is entirely anonymous. Here is the link.

Thank you.


with gratitude and in service,


Tony Koker

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