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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

How Do YOU Define Success?

How Do YOU Define Success?

      Do you find it noisy? Life seems to be an endless challenge by nature, the elements, our senses and our ability or lack thereof to keep going. I find I've developed a blinders-on mindset, when things get too noisy. Keeping focused on the most important one or two things, and letting everything else take care of itself. We are bombarded, but our ability to cope has to do with many different cycles. Did we get proper nutrition, yesterday? Did we have a good night's sleep? If not, do I need to make some changes today to fix that? We certainly have to deal with survival issues, first, right? Or, can we skimp here and borrow from another reserve? Maybe I can keep this streak going, just one more day, even though it is not optimum?

      I don't think that we can operate in any other way, than a blinders-on, heads-down way. Although our powerful brain is always processing hundreds, if not thousands or millions of stimuli and commanding responses, consciously we only get a glimpse of all of that. Bits and pieces we perceive as ideas or emotions - a combination of various senses constantly flow within our minds. However, the more focused, or single-minded we choose to become, all of that quiets down. It never goes silent. It just becomes the white-noise background.

      What do we choose to focus on? To be successful, I think we have to focus on those things that move us towards success. But do we recognize this, and, have we taken this control by developing the habit of commanding our mind to serve us? It all starts with what we desire to achieve out of life, I believe. Success has to be defined by us, individually. Too many of us identify with what we do for a living. Our job is our fixed routine where we focus all of our efforts. Everything else is done with what is left over. Were we born with the skills we use for this job? No way. We may have some talent, but in order to use that, we had to develop and hone our talents. We had to add skills, some which have nothing to do with the talents we have. To be successful, to me, means leaving a legacy which I've worked to establish by developing my talents and learning skills to accomplish the goals of my heart-felt desires. Once we ask ourselves to reflect and identify these desires, the rest is a one-day-at-a-time journey, where a slight edge is used to break free and own our life and legacy.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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