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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MLM Rescue for Part Time Employees!

MLM Rescue for Part Time Employees!

      I get updates from the MLM Watchdog. I have found that this is a great one of a few ways to stay up with news and information in this and related industries. I can learn about ponzi schemes, who's still getting away with it, and who isn't. What constitutes successful compensation plans, policies and ownership mindset. And, consider many other aspects of the pro's. and con's. of what can be a very emotional experience. It is refreshing that when the opportunities are presented for a focus on the positive aspects, over the negative, that I really like this source of information. The editor really likes the industry, is a champion for it, and, is an advocate for the model when it is done right.

      Here's a excerpt from a recent article that is a great call to arms for us:

"One of the MLM Watchdog’s loves of the MLM-NETWORK MARKETING INDUSTRY Is helping people and after the recession workers have taken a beating in, more bad news for hard working Americans. The Affordable Health Care Act demands starting in 2014 that anyone working over 30 hours a week be provided a qualified health plan or pay a 2000 fine. In testimony before Congress. The National Federation of Independent Business testified that this is a new low.
Every employer will be forced to define part-time employment under 30 hours a week, and most will use between 20-27.5 hours. This cut part timers income and leave a hole in employment. The University of Berkely Center for Labor research has estimated that 2.3 million workers or nearly 2% are at great risk of having hours cut below 30 hours a week. ...
What can you and your company do to help these people! ... "

Here is a link to the site and the entire article

      Long term, successful MLM companies usually conform to all of the Five Pillars, but some don't:

  • Pillar 1 — Company Management Experience with Integrity?
  • Pillar 2 — Timing in the Company and Timing in the Industry.
  • Pillar 3 — Remarkable Product.
  • Pillar 4 — Compensation Plans.
  • Pillar 5 — Proven duplicatable system.
Here's a link to some audios and PDF transcripts: Audios and PDFs. How does your company stack up? Be vocal with your upline and company management to make it so.

      While not mentioned here in the bullets, it is discussed in Pillar 4 - Compensation Plans. One of the key elements has to be the ability of a part-time partner to be able to work the business and get a return on their "time" investment. $1,000 or even $100 a month can really take the edge off initially, and, over time, this will only grow with care and nurturing, even if only part time. That is the promise and goal of network marketing for all of us, is it not?


with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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