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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Getting Ready to Get Ready

Getting Ready to Get Ready

      One of the personalities we discuss in our thrice weekly calls is called Green. Although we all exhibit traits from all personality colors, we have a primary or root color. I am a green, primarily. This has been great for me as an engineer and for making plans, but it can be a handicap for working with people. I believe, however, that by reviewing my habit when I have successfully turned these plans into successful execution, I reveal a method for getting out of a mode of getting ready to get ready.

      I plan. I do this well. I can anticipate all of the possible challenges and threats and devise countermeasures to overcome or avoid them. This is often the place where I get stuck. So, I have to move on and decide that the blueprint is sufficiently robust and just move on.

      When I envision the outcome, truly see it in my mind, I create a point of focus. The more vivid the picture, the more intense I can believe in it's realization. I picture the result in many of its stages and the initial framework is built upon to finally reveal the finished product. Layer upon layer of progress is illustrated in my mental motion picture.

      Now I must jump. I need to take action. All of the well worn habits of preparing need to be done now: getting dressed properly, packing my bag, leaving the house, and must be done with mechanical, automatic process.

      I GO. I do it. I get into a zone of execution. I rest. I resume. I focus on the images of my mental motion picture, of the finished product, and just keep in action mode. Are you like me and get stuck getting ready to get ready? Or, have you progressed to action and success?



with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

P.S. With the help of others in our mastermind group, I hope to relate similar breakthroughs for the obstacles encountered by the other 3 personality types. And you can also join in this process with us:

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