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Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest Author - How to Outwit the 6 Ghosts of Fear

How to Outwit the 6 Ghosts of Fear

Fear is false evidence appearing real.

In the last chapter we read on the sixth sense, I wrote:

Ultimately, mastering all these principles and allowing the sixth sense to lead us to our utmost desire in life is a spiritual journey as a life being led in this manner is sure to succeed (The Sixth Sense).

And isn't it interesting that the very last chapter Hill focuses on is the ghosts in our mind - the fears we have that are not real.

We perceive them as real though, don't we?

We have come full circle in this book now to the idea that thoughts are things, the next chapter we will be studying.

So these fears are thoughts which we should not focus on.

If we focus on our fears, then we are paralyzed by them.

I am reminded by my friend that we are spiritual beings going through a human experience, just as God came down as man to experience the human existence in life.

Last week I went to visit my mom's only sister, a nun, who is 87 years strong. She's been serving God ever since I can remember meeting her for the first time when I was 6 years old.

She is of the Schools Sisters of Notre Dame order and so my mom, brother and I went to Wilton Connecticut and stayed overnight in the retirement home for these nuns.

During a conversation we were having I was amazed to hear my Aunt Leonie say "well it's all in your mind."

I looked at her saying, “You know Aunt Leonie, and you’re so right with this because all our thoughts are things.”

In kidding with her I asked her if she read Think and Grow Rich to which she answered no. "But," she said, "There’s a wisdom that comes with prayer that certainly opens your mind." "Look around you, the world is full of tell tale signs that creation is full of abundance, full of God's grace. God's work is everywhere. We are the arms and legs of Him who created us and we continue His works. It started with His thought in His Universe. And His thought carries on through us.

As we walked down the corridors, the walls had paintings full of inspiration about creation, the saints, signs and paintings, etc reminding us of the Creator in our midst.

As we followed our aunt, we stopped to meet her sister friends along the way. Some were painting, some were playing music, some were reading, some were writing stories and poetry, some were using the computer, some were having meetings, some were praying, some were visiting with others, some were at the movies..., you get the picture here. All God's work continues to manifest itself all the time.

So as we were strolling through this majestic home full of retired nuns, I realized just how grand God is. My aunt introduced us to a nun who was 107 years strong!

My aunt led the conversation next to speak about what keeps these ladies going strong. We have no fears she said. We trust in His Word. You must live life fearlessly and intentionally if it's going to be full.

I felt like a reporter asking questions, but I could see she was pleased to share her wisdom.

"Ok Auntie Leonie", I questioned, "so how do you get over fears?"

"Simple”, she said, always seek the will of God and you'll find the strength within you." "Again", she replied, “it's all in your mind and get's to your heart and soul, where it penetrates and you can find the answers to your questions for even the most difficult of times."

Now she doesn't explain quite like Hill but I do know what she means.

So daily, the actions we take and do in persisting will take us to the top of that mountain before we know it. We'll reach the top to see clearly everything. Even the fears we have, we will realize that they are small compared to who we are as spiritual beings.

And that ogre called FEAR will appear so tiny that we can kick him off that mountain top and say goodbye to him at last.

Your fears are only as big as you allow them to become. The antidote for overcoming many of the fears we have is in taking actions. Just do it and as you keep doing it, you find that it was never real, just an ogre in your imagination. Learning this helps you to kill fears along the way.

I know for me in any situation that I may feel nervous, I had learned to laugh at my mistakes, to learn from my mistakes and overall, to find a way to make something happen for me through creative imagination.

It really is in doing and being in the now that I find my greatest strength to overcome my fears.

After all the human experience isn't supposed to be perfect, it's supposed to be spiritual and divine and the divine is in our thoughts and heart, right where we find strength to overcome the impossible.

No matter the challenges in life, no matter what our circumstances, no matter what our fears, we work with them as we move up that mountain top.

And we'll look back in reflection one day, smiling to ourselves and realizing how very small our fears had become because we learned to control our own thoughts.

Much Love and appreciation,

Marsha Sortino


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