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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Burning Hot Poetic Desire

      When I am lucid, fully awake, thoughtful, energized with positive emotion, I still cannot grasp my desire - it is out in front of me pulling me forward. I don't want, I need. I have to obtain or die trying. No other temporary or less valuable rest area along the way can be allowed to tempt me. My values are in order as my map.

      I am challenged. Everyday there are many forces vying to block me. Diversions continually ring the door bell, send me messages and offer pleasant diversion. I am looking for and receptive to that which will further my progress, but venture forward exposed to the elements as in a storm. My craft must remain intact through the largest wave of wind, water, heat or cold, even if it looks to be a harmless threat at first.

      I have my values as my map. Decision is easy. The higher value always wins. Every value has but a single place. My desire is at the top. In my values, in my auto-suggestion, in my mind and my sole. My whole being sweats, exhales and broadcasts the vibration of its essence to everything. My arrival is forecast. Others easily sense my approach.

      Some will get out of the way. Others offer a hand up for notice, but only serve to divert or distract. Others climb aboard.

      My values are my map. My desire is at the top.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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