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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It Is Who You Know

      We only have true control over 1, 2 or maybe 3 things individually. As a group our influence is multiplied. This influence is beneficial to the aims and objectives of the group, but are not aligned, or even may be considered opposite to what others or other groups may consider beneficial.

      At what point does the group become threatening to others? Can this threat be minimized or avoided through Golden Rule or Win-Win practices? Does following the strategies to minimize the threat cause other side-effects? Certainly. In engineering we have coined the phrase: "Good, Fast, Cheap - Pick 2". In today's society we have all been duped, or have acquiesced or abrogated the Good for the Fast and the Cheap. If we desire to not only meet the needs and desires of our group, but also of the other groups around us, we have to achieve Good. If we want to do this Fast, it is going to cost us (not Cheap). If we want it Cheap, it is not going to happen Fast.

      It is not just a matter of who we know and who we have in our mastermind group, but also that our ethical and philosophical ideas align. But that is too deep for this. The simple premise, that seems to be elusive of most people, is building a mastermind group in the first place. Anyone who has read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich should know this concept well. ALL of the 500 people that Hill interviewed, who were successful in achieving ownership of their own life, and not only obtained what their heart desired, but moved well beyond their initial ambitions and achieved even greater heights had a focused and well-rounded mastermind group.

      Included in the group needs to be councilors who can assist in personal challenges, as well as the obvious people whose skill-sets can contribute to the goals of the group as a unit. Hill even found that historical figures, known for their mindset, can also be consulted mentally when pondering issues that we don't seem equiped to deal with ourselves. What steps can you take to build your mastermind group?

      So, in the end, is it exclusively who we know that helps or hinders our success? It's not exclusive, but one of many factors. And how successful these relationships are in achieving mutually desired goals, as well as working in concert or in chaos with other groups, is up to each and every individual member of the groups.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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