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Thursday, August 30, 2012

From Figments to Reality

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      Although the title and topic of our discussion this week is that "Thoughts are Things", we were also immediately asked to consider desire, being definite, having purpose, being persistent, even bordering upon obsession.

      Every chapter of this book lays out pieces of all of the secrets. Some chapters only focus on a few, or even try to focus on a single one, but every single chapter is woven with the strong fabric of knowledge. The knowledge that we are the most powerful creatures on this planet. The knowledge that our power can be positive or negative. The knowledge that when we combine the power of all of the positive, the total is far greater than the simple sum of the parts.

      I have been thinking heavily, lately, of the progress I've made and also where I haven't made any progress.

      I have been in similar states like this before. Finding myself on a road with a fork in it. Do I stay on the path I've been on? Do I continue much as I have so far? Or, do I take this turn?

      Once I decide, I know there are few if any roads back, and those are more difficult to travel, or worse yet, in a reverse direction back to that same fork.

      I know that it won't always be clear that I've made the correct choice along the way. There will be desire-threatening obstacles. But I have made these decisions before. I haven't always executed them perfectly. I even had to settle for good enough (very challenging for my personality). But I also know there will be an almost unconscious blur that can occur in the knowing it works, when it's working.

      To be in an excited state of not being able to go to sleep at night.

      To anticipate the dawn of the new day and awake, even before the alarm goes off, jumping out of bed to advance our cause.

      It is all found in this book. And the journey begins within our own minds. It begins with our thoughts. Thoughts become all manner of things.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony, Lisa, Michael and Amanda Koker

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