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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The Subconscious Mind

My Subconscious Mind

      After reading this chapter again I was impressed upon to describe with detail what a walking tour of my subconscious mind might be like. I don't really have a view of what it might look like from the outside looking in, except for what we normally see as a grey, wrinkled yet large pea-shaped mass. Rather, I observe as though I am already inside.

      I feel dampness as I seem to be at the lowest levels. It is very dark here. The walls seem like those of a cave. There are sights, sounds and feelings here, but they seem very base and raw, yet very powerful. I feel intense fear and hunger, my heart is racing and I find myself focusing on my need to keep breathing. There actually seems to be writing on the walls, but the chill and anxiousness I feel here strongly encourages me to wander higher and beyond.

      As I move upward along one of the paths, I see all manner of flashing lights, like nearby rooms with displayed images, or strobes of colorful performance or party venues. Light and dark the lights pulse with various energies. Its a wonder of activity, yet it seems as though everything is contained, packaged neatly into compartments, yet readily available to be accessed. It almost seems like a library full of bookshelves, yet there are all manner of storage. Some containers seem to have sights, sounds, textures, heat and even odors, while others buzz alone with energy.

      There is just so much to experience, I cannot possibly explore everywhere. There seems to be activity. Containers appear to be in a constant process of being rearranged, reordered, called forward, and just as quickly dismissed in a rush into the echos of the cavernous beyond.

      At the highest level of my subconscious mind I hear this rhythmic repetition. It sounds like words, but they quickly vibrate into sensual collections. Collections of images, sounds, scents and vibrations of emotion combine into this song. There is no counterflow or resistance here. In comes the song. The package starts rather vague. As the song continues, the package is taking shape. Almost like a mist or fog it begins to resemble something more and more tangible. As the song is repeated, the process expands to influence all of the activity. The rearrangement of everything begins to vibrate to the rhythm and melody of the song.

      All at once, the song stops, but the activity continues long after. There are subtle signs that the activity is beginning to again become more random, but just as quickly as it stopped the words begin again and the song plays on and the activity continues stronger than ever.

with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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