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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Sixth Sense

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A sixth sense, a portion of our subconscious mind, our "Creative Imagination", "a receiving set for ideas, plans and thoughts" are all phrases that Napoleon Hill uses to describe this week's topic. Intuition, gut feeling, instinct, knowing that we know, if you know what I mean are also phrases that could be used. Mental and spiritual ... Miracles ... Aha, eureka or epiphany moments ... these are the results we achieve or are achieved on our behalf.

Once we can relate to what it is, how do we endeavor to use it? The steps have been clearly outlined during our journey through the preceding chapters. We can then receive "without efforts or demands."

A virtual mastermind group is a solution that Napoleon Hill describes, perhaps to embarrassing detail (to himself), through much of the latter part of the chapter. Even this seems to have worked, for a time, then it didn't work so well, or he lost faith in it. It was then abandoned, only to return again in urnest but in a further evolved and more insistent form. The focal characters were always shifting and changing over time. A student of the characters he was able to leverage their gifts for his behalf.

Is this a form your Creative Imagination is suggesting you should use? If so, who are your Counselors? Are they your heroes? Are they real or fictitious? So often I have found myself focused upon someone who themselves are a creation of someone else's imagination. How do I stay focused in reality, yet avail myself of this enormously powerful ability? Growing up I admired Sherlock Holmes as an role model. I've even tried to focus on real people, but most that I look to, when scrutinized expose their flaws. We all have these. That's why we need so many on our committee. We have to be able to balance the positives and stay focused on our true desires as they further unfold. We are multifaceted diamonds, but still in-the-rough on many edges. We may believe we understand what our true desires are, but, as we grow, we learn that these too evolve into even greater places.

Of all of the characters who are on my committee, those who remain silent, in the dark recesses towards the back, step forward into the foreground, in the bright light to be heard again when the time is right. I call them characters, because, although they do start off as real as possible people, they always seem to become a little glamorized. I've found they tend to be flawless in their special attribute(s) and have managed to completely reduce any negative side effects to nearly imperceptible. But that, after all, is what we are really trying to do with ourselves, isn't it?

With all of the media that bombards us daily it is extremely difficult to stay focused in real role models. It has to be worked at. We have to eliminate those who let the distracting creep in, while we have to also work to surround ourselves as much as possible with those who are focused and taking action. We can meet with them on the phone, in person, or, by other means. Perhaps we can even arrange to sit down and have a meal with them, or travel and visit or even vacation with them. Even brief encounters can plant the seeds for a successful addition to the mastermind.

I could write volumes about my counselors. My dad, who passed away in 1989, is still a major and active participant in my committee. The epitome of self-sacrifice, he never wavers in his dedication to actively performing to be of benefit to all those around him. My wife, who has found and uses the secret of service to others as the means in indirectly achieving her own desires. Even my children, who have grown into critical thinking adults. They too provide me with constant council using the evolved fusion of the experiences they've had and are still having on their journeys, but from new perspectives. Many teachers as well as historical figures also play roles. I constantly read to explore for others who may have learned just one more special ingredient to be added to the recipe.

If you are not inspired to utilize Hill's process of a virtual mastermind what do you do? How vivid can this process become? Can you see images of places, people and things, much like a dream, but remaining fully conscious? Is it day dreaming? Such an intense state of deep focus of vibration and thought could be considered meditation. Yet it all seems to occur in an instant. And complex challenges are dealt with over many of these sessions over, possibly, a great deal of time.

The sum total of all that we have explored so far, this is certainly the master key with which to unlock all doors.


with gratitude and in service,

Tony, Lisa, Michael and Amanda Koker

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