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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


“the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy, into another.” - Napoleon Hill

"The emotion of sex brings into being a state of mind." - Napoleon Hill

The emotion of sex is positive, intense, and powerful. It is a direct, driving and motivating influence. Usually we try to use as many of our senses, or use descriptions of sensual experience when we write or tell a story or lesson. But, that is what makes the emotion of sex such a challenge to transmute. We have to train ourselves to focus this emotion inwardly, away from our senses, and into vibrations of thought. Maybe we can feel this. Feel the increased vibrations of other positive emotions. Enthusiasm, desire, love, romance, faith, hope and even prosperity all can be derived from the channeled emotion of sex. It can cause adrenaline to be felt corsing through our veins, but not for other physical responses, but mental (thoughtful) and emotional ones.

Working backwards to thoughts are things, and even further, emotions become thoughts. Emotions are energy and vibrations. Thoughts are energy and vibrations. We must try to focus the emotion of sex and its tremendous energy. Our strongest emotion can best feed our creative imagination, if we channel it and link with Infinite Intelligence. Emotions become thoughts.

Do emotions have color? What color is the emotion of sex? Is it red, or is white hotter?

Society struggles with sex. The emotion often plants seeds of physical thoughts. Its appeal is used for marketing and advertising in the world around us. We can be pulled like a leashed animal by it when we allow those messages into our minds. Turn the tables and use it to thrive.

It can help us to overcome hardships, difficulties or obstacles.

It lets us lead an offensive (vs. defensive) posture. It can be aggressive, yet playful and uplifting.


with gratitude and in service,

Tony Koker

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